Best Casino In Asia For Travellers | Malaysia 2019
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Best Casino In Asia For Travellers | Malaysia 2019

Here we guide you to the top 3 casino in South East Asia that you must visit when you are on vacation. These are all the famous casinos that deserve you to try them out when coming to places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei or Thailand. These are the top places for you to drop by and try your luck, no matter the weather rain or shine. When you come here you need the experience of an Asian casino that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. Lets kick off with the Top 3 spot for casinos in Asia.

Number 3

SkyCasino Resort World Genting Highlands | RWS178

malaysia casino online
malaysia casino online


RWS Gengint Highland’s SkyCasino | RWS178 is one of the most famous casino’s in Malaysia and almost everyone from across asia comes here to try their luck. This casino is famed for being on a highland stretch. It sits on a hilltop and is one of the most coolest casino’s in the world. Temperatures can reach up to 5 celsius at night sometimes. Chilling right? This makes it the best place to enjoy a cool and quiet peaceful time to try out your luck. Fresh air and the sound and sights of gold all around you.

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What Next ?

Genting Highland’s SkyCasino’s most prominent design aspect is its decorative ceiling that shines on the casino floor. You can see that this makes the environment a lot more stunning. In fact, it is so stunning that most players will stay for extended periods of time to play the games here just because they feel right at home when staying in the casino. Like other casino’s, SkyCasino also provides free drinks and snacks for you. You can find out what’s the best games that they have lined up for you through the counter. They’ll even teach you how to play. Win the best games for you to play more and more. Build your bankroll until you are satisfied.

casino live online malaysia
casino live online malaysia

The sights and sounds of a real casino is invigorating at the least, it makes you feel like you are in the center of riches. You can see people throwing money at each other left and right of the casino premises. This is a great time for you to enjoy what is it like to be in a real casino. Win you games and meet real people for the very first time. You can see the quality of the machines as well and they have real people dealing cards or dices for you.

Not Only That !

If you have not been to a casino yet, this is the best place to start for you to experience what is it like to be in a casino on top of the world. Resort World Genting Higland’s SkyCasino is truly something that pulls in traffic and helps you generate so much income. The casino’s the best place to be for you to try out all real life casino games and experience the cash thrill of being in a real casino.

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Number 2
Resort World Sentosa Casino

Resort World Sentosa Casino| rws178

Resort World Sentosa Casino offers many things for everyone to experience and enjoy! It takes the number 2 spot because it is in the center of Sentosa Island Singapore and around it is Universal Studio Singapore. It is a great place to bring your family and drop by if you are in Singapore. The kids can go play their rides or enjoy the fantastic scenery of Sentosa Island while the adults can go off into the casino and spend their quality time with their luck and chances. Ideally, the best place for you to be is here if you are with your family and you are looking for a great casino to enjoy in. Here’s the press release of its opening back then; Credit to : Rwgenting

Try and check this out!

Resort World Sentosa Casino is the center of gambling in Asia, this makes it great for tourist or even locals to come and try their lucky throws at all the games that are available in the casino in Singapore. It comes from poker to roulette to even baccarat. You can find all of the games that you need in this place. The decor is outstanding with gold elements and also warm lighting. The atmosphere breathes wealth and riches. For those looking to indulge themselves in their gambling needs, this is a very fun and nice place to bring anyone’s family.

What In Sentosa?

Surrounding the island there are many attractions for families such as the famous Sentosa Resort and Universal Studios that is a core amusement park by itself, with many things to do you will surely get lost there! The design of the island blends great scenery with a cinematic atmosphere for all to enjoy. Find yourself lost in the aquariums and live action theme parks as you make your way across the island in style. It is not a cheap place to go to as well, it is very pricy and only for the elite to afford. This makes it one of the safest place in the island as well as there is beefed up security and surveillance.


Number 3

live betting malaysia

Your 918Kiss casino Malaysia is not a real fix building casino but it is the mobile app that is famous across Malaysia for online casino betting that feels just as real as a real casino! Imagine that! You can now gamble through your mobile phone with just a tap of an App. Your918Kiss casino experience is fluid and the cash gets transferred directly into your bank account when you ask the online customer service to execute the bankin. Get your winnings sent directly to your own card through online bank-ins.


Your918Kiss is the most trusted online casino service provider in Malaysia and every tourist should at least experience this once. The games they have are as accurate as the real thing and to add to that they even have arcade games that cannot be found in real casinos! Ocean King is a great example of that.


This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in online gambling to give it a go and find out how it works in Malaysia. The best casino in Asia is the one that you can bring everywhere and play anywhere you like at anytime. Make sure to stay tune into the game updates to keep winning more and more games. The more you win, the better you get at the game. This helps you always to keep winning! Spirits high and smart plays will always be on your side.