The 3 Golden Rules That You Must Not Break When Gambling

The 3 Golden Rules That You Must Not Break When Gambling

The 3 Golden Rules That You Must Not Break When Gambling

Gambling is based on a risk and reward system with 3 probable outcomes. You either win, lose or break even. Gambling has been around for centuries and monopolies such as the Las Vegas Strip are built on that exact business.

To increase your chances of going home a winner, here are the 3 rules of gambling that you shouldn’t break to stand a chance at going home with more cash than you went out with.

Rule Number 1: Never Participate In Gambling While Drunk

Being drunk is not a bad thing but putting your cash on the line while barely being able to make sense of your surroundings is just a logically bad move on any part.

Come to your senses and don’t try to juggle bad drinking habits with risk-taking at the same time. They just won’t mix well and at the end of the day, you’ll probably even end up just losing your car.

Even if you keep winning, being in a drunken state will probably encourage the people around you to take the upper hand and bring your winnings elsewhere while you just lay down flat on the table or floor. If you’re at a casino full of strangers, it’s better to just stay sober in the first place.

Rule Number 2: Do Not Gamble Without Knowing The Rules

Oh, the irony… Just like these rules you’re reading now, never take a chance on a game you have absolutely no clue about. Betting blindly is stupid and betting without knowing the rules is just plain bad.

Know what you’re playing and how to play it. Everyone around you on the table wants to win. People gamble because of having a chance to take away cash from everyone else. Giving them the upper hand by not knowing the rules is the worst move you can make in terms of smart-plays.

Rule Number 3: Do Not Aim To Recover Your Losses

You’re at a casino, so what if you lose it all? I’ll tell you what, the casino business is driven by greed. Being greedy by trying to recover your losses at all costs will give you a chance to put you in a deeper hole than you already are in.

Set limit to how much you would like to spend in a casino and then if you hit the limit, just walk away. Walking away won’t feel better but at least you’ll be waking up the next day with your life savings still intact.

Never be too greedy or optimistic when it comes to gambling because at the end of the day, its just plain old-fashioned luck.

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