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Livemobile99 is the leading online casino and sports betting provider in Malaysia. We always put our customers first and have proof on our transactions to solidify our position as a trusted source for online entertainment. We are the best in online gambling with the support of updated online applications for casinos and also a team of fast acting game agents to ensure that the system works perfectly at all times. From slots to live casino games and table games and sports betting, we have it all here.

We want our customers to have the best experience in gambling and casino playing on the move and on mobile throughout their daily lives. Some people don’t have time to go to a real casino. This is where we come in with a trust-able mobile solution that can fit everyone and help them play anywhere. The games are great to enjoy alone but also with friends as the casino world allows you to be free with your device and share with friends even.

All of our games come with great support and we want all of our customers to always keep giving feedback about the problems they face when gaming to help us understand and make improvements to our games or system. The best part of this is that our online support in Whatsapp and WeChat are able to respond very fast. We love having customers get fast responses to ensure smooth gaming experience.

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Our games are great to enjoy on the move or even in office. We help people overcome their stress and tension by getting them a platform for them to play with real money and earn. Big wins are also limited to RM50k on cash out. We are able to safely keep your banking details a secret for large transfers as well. So get started and win more to keep earning Jackpots and bonuses.

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