Player Experience Sharing on 918 Kiss

Player Experience Sharing on 918 Kiss

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918kiss online gaming & gambling platform with a wide variety choices of game play & style.

Great time killing apps and gaming experience.

My First Time experience on playing online mobile slot game

       I’ve just started using 918kiss as gaming platform for about a week time, would like to rate it with this article while sharing my review here. If you are new to online gambling, this platform provides a clear interface & simple startup of every game. If you had previously experienced other online gaming or gambling platform, this platform is going to be a great addition to your arsenal. Further description and walkthrough will be shown below!

First of all, here is a brief summary on how you can download the platform.

  • Open web browser ( for me I am using IOS safari)
  • Key in 918kiss on google
  • 918kiss download
  • As shown in image above, user can easily select the type of mobile phone they are using, and download the game.
  • The 918kiss apps launcher will then be ready at the homepage.
  • User account can be created via
  • Deposit money and withdraw money can also be done instantly once account is created.

918kiss register

918kiss has a decent interface graphic as well as well organised interface. I had also run the app and played for 1 hour on my HUAWEI P20, the battery consumption was lesser than 20% which I considered it to be acceptable. Which to say, if you are killing your lunch time of working with 918kiss, it wouldn’t consume much of your phone’s battery, while some of the game can run automatically, you can let it run during work with no worries as well.

The 918 kiss features 132 single player game and 11 online games. The interface has a cleared outline to differ online games and offline games as shown below:

There are a variety of type of game play such as car racing, jackpot, Pokemon, dance game, slot game, card games, pictures matching and many other kind of casino game. All the game here will require a single time buffering and loading.

Type of Games

I had summarized a list of game and their simple descriptions as the list here:

No.Game NameType
2Top GunGun play
3Foot BallSports
5Ocean KingHitting
6Ocean King 10000Hitting
8DaShengNaoHai 10000Hitting
10Likuipiyu 10000Hitting
11Fishing StarHitting
12Fishing Star 10000Hitting
14Roulette 24Casino
15Roulette 12Casino
16Roulette 73Casino
17The BullHitting
18Dragon Tiger s1Cards
19Dragon Tiger s2Cards
20Dragon Tiger s3Cards
23Hulu CockPictures
26Hold EmCards
27Casino WarCasino
28Poker ThreeCards
29Single PickCards
31King DerbyRace
33WukongHaven’t explore
34JinqianwaHaven’t explore
35Fortune PandaHaven’t explore
36Robin HoodHaven’t explore
37AliceHaven’t explore
38African Wild LifeHaven’t explore
39SeasonsHaven’t explore
40LauraHaven’t explore
41PirateHaven’t explore
42AmazonHaven’t explore
43AladdinHaven’t explore
44Ocean ParadiseHaven’t explore
45PanjinlianHaven’t explore
46Magical SpinHaven’t explore
47Pirate ShipHaven’t explore
48Halloween PartyHaven’t explore
49Cookie PopHaven’t explore
50Shining StarsHaven’t explore
51Fairy GardenHaven’t explore
52Stone ageHaven’t explore
53Western RanchHaven’t explore
54Money FeverHaven’t explore
55Treasure IslandHaven’t explore
56Golden TreeHaven’t explore
57Ranch StoryHaven’t explore
58Sea WorldHaven’t explore
59CircusHaven’t explore
60FengShenHaven’t explore
61Three KingdomHaven’t explore
62Water MarginHaven’t explore
63God of WealthHaven’t explore
64Five DragonHaven’t explore
65WealthHaven’t explore
66AztecHaven’t explore
67CrystalHaven’t explore
68GardenHaven’t explore
69Green LightHaven’t explore
70VictoryHaven’t explore
71Dragon GoldHaven’t explore
72Tally HoHaven’t explore
73FortuneHaven’t explore
74OrientHaven’t explore
75RallyHaven’t explore
76BoyKingHaven’t explore
77DragonHaven’t explore
78Sea CaptainHaven’t explore
79CoyoteCashHaven’t explore
80T-rexHaven’t explore
81FashionHaven’t explore
82Pay DirtHaven’t explore
83FameHaven’t explore
84Big ShotHaven’t explore
85CleopatraHaven’t explore
86TwisterHaven’t explore
87GirlsHaven’t explore
88Golden SlutHaven’t explore
89Emperor GateHaven’t explore
90IcelandHaven’t explore
91JapanHaven’t explore
92BoxingHaven’t explore
93PandaHaven’t explore
94IndiaHaven’t explore
95WildfoxHaven’t explore
96Golden LotusHaven’t explore
97ProsperityHaven’t explore
98Wong ChoyHaven’t explore
99High WayHaven’t explore
100ZhaocaijinbaoHaven’t explore
101Great StarsHaven’t explore
102KimochiHaven’t explore
103Nian Nian You YuHaven’t explore
104CaptainHaven’t explore
105SpartanHaven’t explore
106SilverHaven’t explore
107Panther MoonHaven’t explore
108Safari HeatHaven’t explore
109ThaiHaven’t explore
110Bonus BearsHaven’t explore
111Cherry LoveHaven’t explore
112Great BlueHaven’t explore
113Irish LuckHaven’t explore
114The DiscoveryHaven’t explore
115SpartanHaven’t explore
116FruitHaven’t explore
117Golden TourHaven’t explore
118A Night OutHaven’t explore
119SamuraiHaven’t explore
120Dolphin ReefHaven’t explore
121Reel ClassicHaven’t explore
122Crazy 7Haven’t explore
123Monkey slotsHaven’t explore
124Ball SlotsHaven’t explore
125Monkey Story PlusHaven’t explore
126Battle WorldHaven’t explore
127Racing CarsHaven’t explore
128PokemonHaven’t explore
129Apple MachineHaven’t explore
130Forest DanceHaven’t explore
131SharkHaven’t explore
132PhoenixHaven’t explore

Online Gaming List

No.Game NameType
3Sic BoDice
4Dragon TigerCards
5The BullCards
7Racing carRacing

The list will be update soon as I don’t have enough time to really explore all the game yet.

To draw a summarise of this review, I believe this will be a very good platform for all of you to enjoy your fun time as well as win some big bucks! I will also post up on the game experience that I had with these games next week, hope you all