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Register the Star996 Account with Livemobile, We keep your credentials private and safe. Your bank account details are safe with us and we will provide anonymous transfers to protect your identity as a player. The best way for you to have our games work for you is to communicate feedback to our online betting agents through whatsapp and wechat as well to help us improve.You may feedback on Our Twitter too !

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ST996 is a great online sports betting application where you can bet on sports live. Fast betting comes down to the application where you can bet as much as you want to risk and get your winnings instantly through online bank in after the game.

Star996 is great for having a fast round of sports betting when you are not able to bet offline with your friends or at a shop. Getting your betting values is simple with just a few touches on the mobile app and a few clicks on the desktop app for ST996.

There are other casino games as well and bingo tables but ST996 is primarily for sports betting online. We hope to generate the games betting slots as fast as possible every time. In Malaysia Star996 is the number 1 application for sports betting even with your friends.


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918kiss casino free download for android | Livemoible99 | st996
918kiss casino free download for android | Livemoible99 | st996
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ST996 Client APK IOS PC Download Free. Free Game Login ID Password. 100% Safe mobile gaming experience.
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Star996 hopes to deliver the fastest action as possible to help you win your bets and get your cash back fast as possible. We have proof of trust with our previous transfers. We deliver 100% of your deserved winnings when you win. Our online betting agent will help your out with your transfer and keep you up to date on your transfers in progress.You can bet on many different games as well and its easy from just one application. Try small bets with our system first if you are not comfortable with the betting process and cash out system. We want your sports betting experience to be an easy and fast experience for ST996 so you’ll have confidence in us to keep your bets fast and easy.


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